turn your hobby into profitable business

Do you have a hobby on which you spend hours working? Does that hobby cost you more money than you'd like to admit?  Have you ever thought about FINALLY turning that hobby into a profitable business?

Learn to do so with this course. This ten module course will reveal to you the best methods to turn your hobby into a business. This information rich course will guide you on how to go from having a part-time hobby to full-time business that is earning you fantastic profits every day!

Course Outline:

Module 1: Defining “Hobby” & “Business"

Module 2: Structure a business plan

Module 3: Registering your business online (LLC, Trademark,etc)

Module 4: Defining a revenue stream (Ads, E-Commerce)

Module 5: Market Research (Niche, Audience, Stats)

Module 6: Setting up your web domain (Domain Name)

Module 7: Setting up your website (Blog/Site creation tools)

Module 8: Marketing your business (Social Media)

Module 9: Managing Clients/Employees (Invoicing Services)

Module 10: Expanding the business (Summary/Future)

Who is this Course for?

  • People with a hobby from which they would like to see profits.
  • People with vision of turning a favorite past time into a full-time business
  • People who are unsure how to start the business and sustain it

Go ahead and get started with turning your Hobby into a profitableBusiness right away! See you inside!


NOTE: Even though Google Hangouts is phasing out in April 2015, you can still use some of this information on other online communication like: Skype, Facetime, Firefox Talk, etc.

To Help You kick start your business online, we're throwing in a BONUS course on the NEW Google Hangouts!

Google Hangout is a platform that anyone can use to showcase their expertise in the form of live videos. Experts can offer help in real-time from their hand held devices and PCs.

This entire BONUS training program is divided into 12 modules. Have a look at what you get to learn from the program.

Bonus Video 01 - What Is Google Hangouts?

Bonus Video 02 - How To Sign Up For An Account With Google Hangouts

Bonus Video 03 - How To Register A Hangouts Account (For Non-US)

Bonus Video 04 - How To Write An Attractive Providers Listing

Bonus Video 05 - How To Get Your Listing Approved

Bonus Video 06 - Scheduling Your Availability For Clients

Bonus Video 07 - How To Build Your Ratings Quickly

Bonus Video 08 - How To Structure Your Hangout Session

Bonus Video 09 - How To Make More Money From Your Hangout Sessions

Bonus Video 10 - How To Get Clients

Bonus Video 11 - Dealing With Difficult People

Bonus Video 12 - The Game Plan To Make Your Hangouts Business Profitable!