Tap Heart, Focus Mind.

Welcome to PersonalCoreValue.com..!

My Intention.

The purpose of this website is to become An Inspirational Thought and Info Provider for Innovative paradigms. With this in mind, hopefully others would find motivation and encouragement for success in life.

Social Media Connects.

In searching for the theme for my website, my mind was confronted with self motivation with ideas of sharing my life experiences with others. "Tap heart, focus mind" was all I've done to come up with this purpose and vision for myself and to inspire others as well. I hope there could be some valuable lessons in the story of my life that hopefully can benefit and encourage others to pursue their own successes in the future.

Personal Core Values Quiver Us. 

Before, I did not have a clue about the importance of core values. However by tapping my heart and focusing my mind, I’ve managed to learn that if we want to succeed in our lives, our core values will certainly become the important contributors to that purpose. 

I’ve recognized some underlying core values that ever emerged but never written before, when I was reading the words of God plus some valuable books and other sources of reading,

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Those core values were: faithhonestytruth, persistence, curiosity, courage, learnknowledgesuccessawarenessdiscipline, efficient, ambition, energize, enthusiasm, humility, patience, accountability, love, wisdom, hope and vision.

These were my personal core values that had been indirectly contributed to shaping my character, directing my career and life, provided frame of thinking in making various decisions as well as having priorities in life.

Majority of those core values are still dominating and influencing my character, my life and career, my decisions making, and inspired me in setting up my priorities for daily routines.

Tipping Point of My Life Development.

When I was fourteen years old, as a Junior High School student, I was so inspired by a phrase of a song we were singing in a School Singing Competition. In the process of creating this website, I realized the importance of the phrase to me at the time, that had triggered my personal life development ever since.

The phrase was in Indonesian “Banyak Baca, Banyak Tahu, which is means “Many Read, Many Know” in English.  The more I meditate this phrase, the more I become focused of reading and more reading. I found that reading has contributed to the development of many aspects of my life.

Reminder: Through noticing what’s going on surrounding me in this era of digitization, I just want to remind visitors about its negative influence towards reading. Many people using internet nowadays just to find some sorts of short answer of what info they’re looking for and as a result it’s creating a habit of skim (short/brief) reading than really a good reading habit with a purpose to understand something better and deeper.

Goal and Vision Convince Tough Decision.

I’ve gone through a situation where I had to make a tough and an unusual decision to depart from my job and career because I saw a better future for my children and a possibility to accomplish my goals and visions. This all happened because of desires of my heart and my mind was focused for a better life for my family.

The sequence towards the situation when I had to make the tough decision was triggered by my values of faith, persistence, courage, knowledge, family and success. Here, where I found the importance of one’s personal core values in supporting the hard decision making with confidence.

The List of My Personal Core Values.

Below are my current core values that are important to me. They’ve been so influencing in aligning, directing and focusing my efforts towards achieving my goals and visions. 

  1. Faith - If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord.” And believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. Romans 10:9-10.
  2. Integrity - Conduct my life in truth and honesty as the highest moral values and principles.
  3. Health - Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are importance in conducting and continuing one’s life in order to succeed and reach the desired destiny of life.    
  4. Learn - Learning is life progress and continuous development to grow one’s life by acquiring knowledge and skill, in order to reach a better and success future life.
  5. Family - It is my responsibility as a husband and father who is trusted by God to look after and taking care of my wife and children. My expectation  is to see my children growing and succeed in their lives with responsibilities to themselves and their coming families as well as to God.
  6. SuccessSuccess is achieving a better or desired life by accomplishing sets of goals and visions as well as seeing the successes of my children through work hard and smart and living their lives in line with God principles.
  7. Enthusiasm - Try my best in every effort I do. Persistence in pursuing every goal or vision despite difficulties and challenging situation encountered. After all, God will make a way when seems to be no way.
  8. Humility - If I succeed in my life, it is not only my own efforts but with others contributions plus guidance from God.
  9. Patience - Try to see the reasons of any problem happened to us, with other’s perspectives. Put our feet into other shoes or other's hat onto our head. Understanding others in every situation we encounter.
  10. Love - Ready to sacrifice our privileges in order to prioritize and benefit others who are under our responsibilities.
  11. Wisdom - A continuous engaging of knowledge and knowledge of God, experience, understanding, common sense and insight in order to think and act properly in an acceptable manner. 
  12. Hope - Yesterday was a History. Today is the Fact. But tomorrow will be a Hope. Do our best, Pray and Hope in the Help of God that we can achieve our goals and visions.

Only after listing these core values, I'm inspired to develop my personal life more than what I've been thinking of.

When you've tried something new or some new actions in your life, you'll feel more energize in doing things that you never thought of before. 

Cheers, .... Marthen.