Selected Learning. 

Why Selected Learning?

This topic has always come and go in my thinking about comparing me, my life, what my life has been, and what I am now, with others who I know have been so successful in their lives.

Tracking the ways of myself conducting my life up to my present status are seems to be funny. I've managed to leave my career behind, my desired job as Budget Manager of a company with 1400 to 1500 employees, with no regret.

It was funny because I did not know for sure what kind of life and job could I get when moving to New Zealand. I've sacrificing my prestige job for the sake of my Children's future.

No regret because of my thinking, my life principles, my visions for me and my family has been formed and inspired by the topics or books selected for my learning that have framed my mind for thinking of our future.

Effects and Reasons to have Selected Learning.

As written in other pages of this personal core value website, many interesting books that I've red have been responsible for the decisions I've taken, and also prevented me from regretting what I've done.

Those books among others were: "Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude", "Think and Grow Rich", "How to Win Friends and Influence People", "The Power of Positive Thinking", "The Greatest Salesman in the World" and certainly one of the most important one is the "Bible" as my living principles.

Selected learning to me is how I choose a topic or a book for reading and learning at the time I need it to suit my situation. 

That is the reason why I choose to write this article as "Selected Learning" that has been very useful in transforming my life, shaping my character as well as influenced my family life and the reason why I want to share the experience with visitors of this site. 

Why Selected Learning has been useful to me?

I left home at a very young age to continue my study at the higher school after finishing my Elementary. I could not engage regularly with my parent or my siblings who always giving me advice and guidance in facing challenges in my life.

My Uncle who I lived with had many children that I could not expect him to replace my parent or my siblings as my regular advisers. I had to adapt myself to the new situation of the big family that I had to live in.

These conditions had forced me to find the way of how I could face problems and challenges facing my teen age life. There where I found the way of looking for a book or reading that suitable and useful to my situation.

What triggering the idea of Selected Learning? 

It was a song that inspired me that had laid me a foundation of building my future life. A phrase of the song was in Indonesian "Banyak Baca Banyak Tahu, Ungkapan Berharga" which means "Many Read, Many Know, Valuable Adage" that had triggered my curiosity.

That song was taught in my Junior High School for the purpose of joining a School Singing Competition. Every time we practiced singing that song, this phrase always attracted my conscious mind. It created eagerness to read. It had force me to consume what ever material I could find at the time to read.

I remembered aside from Bible at the time, my Uncle's newspaper was a very interesting reading to me. I turned every page until finished at the back of the newspaper. It created a fond of reading to me. The more I red, the more I knew something new to my mind.

History, biography, wise words, and many interesting stories, had opened my eyes and formed the ways my mind absorbed what was going on in the world. Opinions and Analysis of the Experts in politic, economy and social science had helped me see a broader picture of my life.

When was the Selected Learning began?

Unfortunately, by knowing the predictions, opinions, analysis of experts in political, economic, social, and religious aspects written in the newspapers, aside from the positive ones, many times they were negatively written that created worries and fears to my life.

This condition had created a thirsty mind to know more positive news that can encounter the worries and fears caused by the negative news that have negatively influenced my life.

Luckily, fond of reading newspaper had also raised my fond of reading Bible that cultivated positive ways of thinking in my mind as oppose to the negative ones that have caused worries and fears.

I thank God for the inspirations given in writing all the books in the Bible that has cultivated my brain to absorbed so much encouragement and positive endeavor of living.

Up to this stage when I was focused to read and learn about positive things or thinking and at this stage where Selected Learning become a habit of my life.

You will find many more of selected leazning in other pages of this personal core value website.