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I've chosen this picture of the creature to describe myself when I have had no idea of my personal core value. It has given me so much of learning kind of releasing or freeing myself from the limited shell  or border, etc. 

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When You don't Realize Personal Core Value.

I was waiting for luck, opportunity, or kindness from someone to help me, advise me, telling me what to do, or even feeding me. I had no idea to improve myself, no strength, no power, surrender to my condition, depended on my circumstance, short sight, no dream or vision, no goal for future. 

Everything have changed once I have personal core values especially when I've managed to create my list of personal core value

If you ever have your imagination, let this brief passage be as inspired as yours.

My personal core values has quivered me to create this website and started building my online business. Want to know how? Check here...!

Personal Core Values Quiver Us. 

Before, I did not have a clue about the importance of core values. However by tapping my heart and focusing my mind, I’ve managed to learn that if we want to succeed in our lives, our core values will certainly become the important contributors to that purpose. 

I’ve recognized some underlying core values that ever emerged but never written before, when I was reading the words of God plus some valuable books and other sources of reading,

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Those core values were: faithhonestytruth, persistence, curiosity, courage, learnknowledgesuccessawarenessdiscipline, efficient, ambition, energize, enthusiasm, humility, patience, accountability, love, wisdom, hope and vision.

These were my personal core values that had been indirectly contributed to shaping my character, directing my career and life, provided frame of thinking in making various decisions as well as having priorities in life.

Majority of those core values are still dominating and influencing my character, my life and career, my decisions making, and inspired me in setting up my priorities for daily routines.



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