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the best opportunity for newbies.

Earning the first $100 online is the most difficult experience every internet marketer or entrepreneur has ever been through.  Patric Chan knows exactly what every newbie is facing every time he/she is trying to make money online. 

I've gone through this stage myself and was reminded of Patric when I for the first time watched his video 4 - 5 years back.  Lately, I was also remembered of what Patric ever said in his email to me that means like this :  "It is difficult to earn the first $100 online than 1 million afterwards.

I think that was the reason why he's trying to help anybody whether newbie or not, to earn heir first $100 with CB Passive Income and that's why I've seen the need  to create this page specially for this program.

Patric Chan is actually an internet celebrity now who's earned million of dollars with this CB Passive Income. By joining this program, hopefully you'll get pass the difficulty of making first $100 stumbling block quicker than mostly newbies after starting online business.

Here is his new video after earned millions, with Robert G.Allen in presenting their book "Clicking Cash".

Aside from this video, actually the trigger was his previous video I've watched few years back. I was intrigued to learn about making money online with Clickbank or learning about affiliate program.

Long after that time, after I've started with my website created with Solo Build It, I came across his name again showing up in my inbox. And this time he was promoting CB Passive Income, his latest program that he has created for us in order to make our first $100 and keep passively earning us more money even during our sleep.

CB Passive Income is the program you should consider if you're new to internet and affiliate program or even for you that trying to make your first dollar.

Below is the screenshot of testimony of one of his clients....