Mirror Your Faith. Jesus is there for you.

What ever you do, do it for the grace of the Lord.

It is too overwhelming facts and witnesses nowadays if you want to know how Jesus is alive and doing miracle things through chosen people. I've been meditating about myself of how I'm going to serve my Lord Jesus Christ.

Hopefully by presenting the selected video clips of Sid Roth's Supernatural interviews, could be one of the ways that resulted from the meditation and pondering of what has been resonating in my heart about sharing the good news to others. Matthew 28:18-20. Mark 17:14-19.

How God uses Kynan Bridges since young age.

How to: Posses Your Healing. Click the video below to see and listen to the supernatural works and how Sid Roth interviewing Kynan Bridges. May it become a blessing to your life...!!!

Supernatural works in impossible situation.....JESUS is the Actor of All...!

Watch how these people in the video below experienced the mighty name of Jesus.

In this video you will be blessed with so overwhelming stories that briefly summarized below from the video.

  1. How Dr.Reggie Anderson telling his stories including watching patients at the latest moment of their lives. In Jesus they've found their ways to heaven. Don't be scary like some of them. Seek to know him, Jesus is the way.John 14:6...Jesus is the light. John 8:12, 12:36.
  2. See Aliss Cresswell demonstrating the power of the name of Jesus. Just simple call His name and you too will see miracle happen. Acts 3:6.
  3. Carlos Samiento was brought to heaven and watching Father and Son talking about the return of Jesus.  He was reminded that he has left the first love. Revelation 2:2-7, that also cause the lack of humility to humble himself in order to glorify Jesus. John 3:30, I must decrease, so that He might increase. He was asked to 1) depend on Jesus and seek His face, and 2) return to first love.
  4. James Durham, he was brought to heaven when he was 3 and 4 years old. Later in 2008 he was translated two nights in a row and facing Jesus on His throne. He was reminded to 1 John 2:18 that the time is short and the end time. He also said that God is preparing his bride by calling many people to heaven to be trained and send them back to earth to win lost souls. At the end he was given an egg size red ruby on his left hand and another same size stone like diamond on his right. Both stones melted in his hands that he was feeling painful caused by extreme fire on his hands. He said that these stones for releasing gift of healing and ministering impartation to people.
  5. John Bevere, he explains how we ignored walking with Jesus and the important of communion with Holy Spirit which is fellowship, partnership and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.
  6. Larry Rnadolph, experienced the presence of Jesus to his bedroom and feeling the agape love of Jesus in his heart and the glory of God fill into his soul.
  7. David Jones, had a vision of red moon, stars falling from the heaven and sky rolling down and then he saw a lady scratching her face to blooding and hundreds of people watching horror, terror and helplessness run panic from the scene. Because of he ignored the vision, he was processed by God in a miraculously in supernatural way. He was totally healed from drugs and alcohol addiction. And finally he saw Jesus with His angels come down from heaven and heard a voice said "This the day of the Lord, He just come."
  8. Guillermo Maldonado, explained about "The Cross" and "The Resurrection". The Cross is when you receive forgiveness, but The Resurrection when you enter to power. The Cross is "The History", but The Resurrection is "The Now". The Cross is the demonstration of Jesus' love, but The Resurrection is the demonstration of His power. To get the power, we must have the revelation in "The Now, and that is Holy Spirit. We need to be hungry and we need to be thirsty for the power. He also summarized "The 3 Realms of God":
  • The Kingdom: The Government of Heaven
  • The Power: The Ability of Heaven
  • The Glory: The Atmosphere of Heaven.

            Characteristic of God's Kingdom:

  • It is Supernatural
  • It is Unshakable
  • It is Not Words, but in Power
  • We can Experience Its Reality Here and Now

            Definition of Miracle

  • A Supernatural Intervention of God in the Impossibilities of men now

           God is I am who I am. It is The Now.

It's not too late for beginning to believe in Jesus...! He is just there when you call His name.