Media for Success.

It is my intention for this website to become "Media For Success" through inspiration and as info provider for innovative paradigms to my visitors.

How It Works?

Knowing and creating your personal core values could become a starting point of life reinventing as an avenue to achieve success in your life. It can be done by tapping your heart to know what you passionate about, what you like the most, and what you prioritize in life.

This is a process of finding ideas for success by awakening your giant within you: your hidden power and abilities, your skills and knowledge, your experiences, your talents, or hidden treasures, from inside of you.

If you have created a list of your personal core values, then you can set your goals and create visions for your life based on those core values. Then focus your mind, aligning and directing your life and efforts to achieve the goals and accomplish the visions. 

You've come so far to this site I think because you have desires to succeed, you want to know how to reach it, and you have skills, knowledge and experiences to support it.

If you agree with me, then keep on reading as this is the beginning of your good endeavor.

What are the indications of a success?

To answer this question, we:

First - we have to know what is a success. Collin Dictionary defines success as: 1) the favorable outcome of something attempted, 2) the attainment of wealth, fame, etc. While Oxford Dictionary says success are: 1) the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, 2) the attainment of fame, wealth or social status.

From both meanings, I have a conclusion of success as: 1) the accomplishment of an aim or purpose with favorable outcome, 2) the attainment of wealth, fame or social status, etc.

Second - we can learn from those who have achieved successes in their lives.Without knowing the factual information, just by following the definition of the word success above we can point out names such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, John Key. Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lorde, Lidia Ko, and many more names who have attained wealth, fame and social status meaning they have succeeded in their lives.

So the indications of a success is when we've accomplished our aims or purposes with favorable outcomes and as the result we attaining wealth, fame and social status in our lives.

My Observation.

For the purpose of comparing the successful people with others, I'll use The Riches (even though not fully correct) and The Others (although not all included).

From what I learned so far, I found that the main difference between The Riches and the Others is the mind set and the way of thinking or paradigm. And for that reason, I'm trying to see how The Riches do things that cause them to succeed, compare to The Others. 

Here is my observation.

  • The Riches, have core values, goals and visions that fundamental to their successes, while The Others, have not.
  • The Riches, aiming their thoughts and minds to achieve the goals and accomplish the visions, while The Others, are living aimlessly.
  • The Riches, thinking positively, while The Others, thinking negatively.

You can search and read about The Riches through books, articles, internet and other media online. Some of their names are being presented for informational purposes and some for promotional.

They believed that core values´╗┐ are guiding principles and fundamental to their successes. And because of that, they have purposes in life, they have desires and faiths to succeed that make them think positively.

Those are the reasons for them to set goals or targets and create visions for their lives. And then focus their minds, align and direct their lives and efforts to achieve the goals and accomplish the visions.

With the mind set and paradigm of: knowing desires, having core values, setting goals, creating visions, established as a set of their culture, their live are congruent to the culture that make them become efficient in time wise, effective in their ways they of managing their lives.

This is the formula to achieve a successful life.


As per my observation, this is the summary that I propose to my visitors as a suggestion or tip for success..

"If you want to succeed, tap your heart, find your desires, create your core values, set your goals, and create your visions. Then focus your mind, direct and align your life and efforts to achieve the goals and accomplish the visions." 

Cheers, Marthen.