It Is only YOU.

Are you in the acceptable life condition right now? It is only you to decide of who you are and how you gonna be. No one else.......It is only you. Even when I'm providing you with the books above and the links, it'll take your courage to click.

Someone trains dog, We train ourselves. It is only you who develop yourself.

I remember watching an episode of Dog Whisperer where a lady told Cesar Millan what she said to her dog when it misbehaved.

It was a very long sentence, threatening to take him to the pound if he ever did it again. Cesar looked at her and said, "And you really think he understood that?"

There's a verse in Psalm 139 that talks about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

It is not our brain size that distinguishes us from all the animals. While they may be really cool creatures, there are obviously many striking differences.

Here are just a few: Communication: Animals understand simple words, gestures or tones. They do not comprehend sentences. In the related incident above, Cesar made that very clear to the lady.

Meanwhile, we humans have developed hundreds of languages, along with thousands of dialects.

Inspiration Triggers. It is only you who pull the triggers.

Humor: Your cat or your dog, or an elephant or frog, is not able to appreciate or express humor. Humor requires the ability to see the odd, surreal or ironic. Appreciation of beauty:

If you take your dog on a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona to gaze on its magnificent splendor, it is simply breathtaking. But does your dog enjoy the beauty? He's probably busy looking around for a tree, or a squirrel, or another dog.

Morality: Animals do not have a conscience, or the desire to build character. They learn by training which involves reward and punishment.

We, on the other hand, choose to control our thoughts based on what we consider right or wrong. Unlike animals, we have the unique ability to analyze actions before they are performed.

Worship: In every part of the world, in every culture, humans exhibit a desire to seek, to follow, and to worship a higher power. Animals do not. It might seem like your dog worships you, but trust me, you are not a higher power she has been seeking.

Why Did God Make Us This Way?

It is only you can interpret it for your own benefits.

The Bible tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. That means distinctly awesome, or distinguished.

But why did God single out human beings to be made in that way? Why did He purposely make us awesomely unique?

All these awesome, distinct qualities we have as human beings, that animals don't have, were purposely and intentionally distinguished by the Creator, including free will to choose, and a desire to seek and know a higher power.

God did not make us seek Him and worship Him instinctively, or automatically, like breathing. Rather, He made us so that it would be our free choice. He made us so we could, if we choose, freely seek Him, freely worship Him, freely love Him.

Looking For God Over the centuries, and to this day, there are those who seek and find the Creator, while others have turned to worship something other than the One true God.

The Bible, in a number of places, refers to them as "strange gods." In the first chapter of Romans it says they "worshiped and served the creature [creation] more than the Creator."

Article by Kevin Greene through Commission Robotics.