What we said is what we do.

This was what I first encountered the simple meaning of integrity in my life. What we said is what we do or what we preach is what we practice. This is fundamental to lay the foundation for a credence in life to build a successful life.

What is Integrity?

Oxford's dictionary online defines integrity as 1) the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, 2) the state of being whole and undivided.

Meaning we should have quality of being honest, having strong moral principles, being whole and undivided.

To me when someone showing honesty, openness, transparency in his/her every action, these attitudes also representing of strong moral principles, being whole and undivided. 

Like this baby, when he is hungry, his face is showing if he is hungry. This is original and real honesty of human by nature. No influence yet by factors that can change such honesty, such as money, wealth, career etc. 

Many times we heard others said: 'What you preach is what you practice' to show that you should be honest and have strong moral principles in your life.

Why we should posses honesty and strong moral principles?

In answering to this question, aside from my own experience, I've done some readings in order to support how I'm going to put my sentences.

In my long journey of life and career in businesses, as well as being involved in christian ministry, being honest and possessing a strong moral principles have played very important roles in gearing me up to positions that I've never think of before. This have influenced me in how I see my life, my marriage and my family.

Being honest and having a good moral principle through out my business career and my life, it's helped us as a family to stick in our togetherness even after leaving my business career.

Although we as a family have had gone trough difficulties, harsh condition, and temptations in our lives, our migration and living in New Zealand for more than a decade now is a living proof of being honest and having a good moral principles as our most important priority in life.

That is the reason why I've chosen to put 'Integrity' as one of my core value in my plan for Personal Core Values' list, because I've been always watching my own character, my habits and my attitudes if they are congruent with this core value.

Integrity Nurtures Life Progress.

Integrity Opens The Gate For Success.

It is now become a value system that navigates every aspect of my being and my doing. With honesty, openness, transparency, I saw myself as an open book of life for people who know me or happen to read this article, can see me right through my heart, my mind and my life as a whole.

That's what I think the integrity should be, like a crystal. It attracts people, because it's beautifully shaped, clear, clean, bright, shiny and transparent. That's why it is certainly expensive. It is worthy owning it.

Being honest, open and transparent are worthy attitudes that representing a valuable character that attracts valuable opportunities to the successes of our lives.

I am opened to constructive critics in order to provide a better and reliable contents for visitors and readers in the future. 


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