Integrity Opens Gate For Success.

Henry and Richard Blackabys cited John Beckett of Beckett corporation as saying, 'The chief trait I look for is integrity....I believe if this trait is embraced and in place, other qualities such as honesty, diligence, and work ethic will follow.'

CEOs' Citation of Integrity.

Blackabys also conducted an informal survey by asking CEOs of major companies of what they look for in a potential employee. Almost every one cited integrity as the number one qualification. 

If majority of the CEOs in the survey looking for a potential employee with integrity as the number one qualification, what can we learn about this indication?

I belief they hold this principle because they have been through their own experiences from the bottom level of organizational hierarchies way up to the pinnacle of it as the CEOs that formed this conclusion.

Integrity demands Consistency.

What can we learn more about integrity than tap this ready conclusion as one of our core values that I belief should be given closed attention too.

Blackabbys also added about integrity by saying, 'Integrity demands consistency under every circumstance, included unguarded moment. If leaders are normally peaceable and well mannered but they throw temper tantrum when things go wrong, they lack integrity. If leaders are honest and moral in public but discard those standard in private, their lives lack integrity. When leaders have integrity, their followers always know what to expect.'

In our jobs, careers, businesses, communities, organizations, families or even friendships, having integrity and strong moral principles can build trust and confidence in others whether they are subordinates or supervisors, employees or employers, bosses or laborers, masters or slaves, husbands or wives, parents or children, friends or colleagues or other people.

With this meaning in mind, integrity creates better relationship with others, opens the gate for more opportunities and hence the gate for our success. This can be continued if the existence of our integrity is intact and therefore consistency is the key if we want to keep it as it was.

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