Integrity Nurtures Life Progress.

Integrity Rules.

People with integrity will find their ways to step up the ladder to a better and success lives albeit educational constraints.

During my life and business career, I've met friends and colleagues in different stages of understanding and practicing integrity in their lives.

Some did not understand what the word integrity means while some others did not even heard of it.

The worst ones were those who knew and understood about it but could not hold it intact due to life demanding for many reasons or influential circumstances.

An Example of Integrity.

Sharing my experience during my career in a group of companies in Indonesia, with more than a dozen affiliates under its umbrella.

Few times in recruiting staff for various positions within our Finance and Accounting department, we had to reject very talented candidates with good educational background and reputable work experience, just because lack of integrity.

In contrast, I once managed to deal with HR department for transferring one of their staff to my department just because the staff was honest and having a strong moral principles albeit educational and work experience constraints.

This one integrity transaction have changed his life forever into a success career for his better future. He is now also a living proof of an integrity as an important character's ingredient of his life.

The higher the level of a position in career, the more the need of integrity.

Integrity is always considered as one of the most important character managers and leaders should possess. John C. Maxwell in Developing the Leaders Around You, page 38, cited Dwight Eisenhower of saying, "In order to be a leader, a man must have followers. And to have followers, a man must have their confidence. Hence, the supreme quality for a leader is unquestionable integrity."

Those who ever reaching the pinnacle of positions in businesses, governments, armies, religious works or others, understood the important of integrity as part of their characters to support their successes and to endure their eligible positions. Among them was Eisenhower who realized how important an integrity to him as a leader as quoted above.

Henry and Richard Blackaby in Spiritual Leadership, page 164, explained, "Christian leaders of all people ought to be known for their honesty. Yet many are not. Media coverage continually exposes high profile religious leaders who deceived the public about their finances or moral lives. On a local level many ministers think of embellishing the truth or misrepresenting the facts. When people see their leaders stretching the truth, they lose confidence in them.  Followers cannot expect their leaders to be perfect, but they want them to be honest."

On the same page, they also said, "The business world is rife with dishonesty, yet great business leaders have understood that if people cannot trust your word, you will not be in business for long."

In our daily lives, many times we encountered the stories of men and women of integrity through experience, from readings, through news and etc. Rarely we've seen them as just ordinary people but rather people who at the apex of their careers in lives, in businesses, in societies or in other communities. That is the beauty of men and women of integrity.

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