If You Want to Succeed.

Ponder The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey, has deeply and incredible explanation of effective habits, if people want to be success.

He said: 'One of the most profound learning of my life is this: if you want to achieve your highest aspirations and overcome your greatest challenges, identify and apply the principle or natural law that governs the results you seek. 

How we apply a principle will vary greatly and will be determined by our unique strengths, talents, and creativity, but, ultimately, success in any endeavor is always derived from acting in harmony with the principles to which the success is tied.'

This Is "The begin of end in mind"
I've Been Looking For.

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What Conclusion can we Make?

Having your own core values is the first paving stone toward your success because they will lay an important principles for your life. You will realize how your strengths, talents, and creativity that could be very useful to equip you achieving better future and how you can learn from experiences to overcome challenges facing your life for better results.

Personal core values are fundamental for anybody who wants to achieve a better and a successful life. Because personal core values are the principles to guide us and our efforts to achieve success/s in our life. Means we would act and do things in harmony with our principles which are based on our personal core values.

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I've written in other pages of this site that our personal core values cause us to set our goals and visions, and then align, direct, concentrate, and focus our efforts to achieve these goals and accomplish our visions.

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