"Finding Your Digital Value Here."

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"Preliminary to Finding Your Digital Value."

My purpose at the first time in creating this website was to share my life experiences by providing articles/contents for others to read and learn.

After two years of putting more and more pages to accommodate articles and contents I've created, I just realized that I need more income to support this business.

So far, the main source of income has been from my offline job in supporting the continuation of this online business. I've also trying to monetize this website in order to earn additional income by just relying on organic (free) traffic.

Realizing the slow and difficulties in making additional income based on just organic traffic, I've expanded with paid traffic generation and internet marketing which costed me a lot of my hard earning money for trials and error.

How do you defeat the self-inflicted agony that each one of us as humans have felt at some point or another? How do you work through the pain that hurts so much to the point that we don’t want to deal with it anymore? How do you not give up? Read more...

Luckily, the last error in big spending for software and programs I've purchased (from many) has given me the very important and most valuable lessons.

Through this experience, I've got the knowledge on how to properly analyze any software or programs before paying my hard earning money to buy them.

After reading and analyzing most of the articles and watching majority of the videos (testimonials and income proofs), I've got the insight of this business that really has the proven systems and programs I can rely on for my online success.

As you probably have clicked and going through all the information available, you'd have known that the business I've mentioned here is MOBE.

Like others (some have become millionaires in few years time with MOBE), I've learned a lot from the packets of the programs with the modules provided by Matt Lloyd (CEO and Founder of MOBE) and others who have become successful entrepreneurs with MOBE as their business' vehicle. 

Building a company from the ground up requires a tremendous amount of confidence, creativity, innovation, motivation, self-awareness, persistence and focus. It’s the reason why everyone can’t make it as an entrepreneur. Read more...:

Becoming one of the top consultants in MOBE requires more than just desire and passion. It also requires a lot of effort and dedication. That’s not to say it’s difficult to earn significant money as a MOBE consultant, but to become one of the elite earners, you have to put in hard work. After all, you only get out of something what you put into it. And that applies to all aspects of life, even in business. Read more..

"How to Finding Your Digital Value with MOBE."

I've created this page especially to accommodate MOBE as the best programs I've analyzed, tested and purchased for myself.

I have come to this conclusion based on my knowledge and experiences in analyzing conventional business as well as business online that I've been doing for more than six years now.

Here is my advice to you based on what I've done with MOBE by partnering with one of its millionaire "John Chow".

First. Register here as partner and affiliate of MOBE for just $49 to get access to 21 Steps of MTTB and all the available articles and reading materials as well as all the videos.

Second. Take your time to study all the valuable materials and inspiring videos for free and if you'd find it otherwise you can cancel at anytime and get your money back.