Fantastic Idea.

I'm trying to convince you to start your own endeavor for a better future of life. It can be just begun with an idea. I've come up with "fantastic idea" as the title of this page because I think the info I'm going to provide you here is really fantastic.  

Why I said so? You just need to find an idea from your likes, hobbies, desires, experiences, skills, or knowledge, etc., and start developing them for your success. Sound too easy? Too good to be true?

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Tipping Point of My Life Development.

When I was fourteen years old, as a Junior High School student, I was so inspired by a phrase of a song we were singing in a School Singing Competition. In the process of creating this website, I realized the importance of the phrase to me at the time, that had triggered my personal life development ever since.

The phrase was in Indonesian “Banyak Baca, Banyak Tahu, which is means “Many Read, Many Know” in English.  The more I meditate this phrase, the more I become focused of reading and more reading. I found that reading has contributed to the development of many aspects of my life.

Unbelievable flying car

Posted by YEGOB on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It is not impossible to own this flying vehicle after you've joined MOBE / MTTB to the top level like these millionaires Moguls "Matt Lloyd" and "John Chow" I've just joined their proven system.

That was my unrealized idea, a phrase found in a song that has catapulted my life. The very simple idea that has became my tipping point, was the starting point to develop and build my life.

Without knowing about it, I've implemented what's been "the secret" or "the idea" that has become the central theme of the book "Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill.

The beginning of "Idea" has started centuries ago.

Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich" had disclosed Andrew Carnegie secret, where it has become an everlasting inspiration ever since. Many big names have achieve the best of their lives just by knowing the secret and use it or work it out for their successes.

When I was reading the book, I was so emotional to look for or finding the secret, and even until I reached the end page of the book, I was not able to find what was the secret.

After looking back and forth of the book's pages repeatedly, and intentionally searching for the secret, finally I stumbled upon the secret.

It was so astonished to me that the secret was just "an idea" yes just an idea. However, it's been the tipping points for many people. Even though just an idea, it has been being ever since become lives' catapults for lots of successful people for centuries.

Hill concluded; "all achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea".

I'm surfacing this simple story of finding "the secret" or "the idea" for success, in order to show you how difficult it was for me at the time to get any info easily available. 

In this era of digital environment, it is only few clicks away, and you'd find what you're looking for, including finding your idea.

Meditate to Find Your Idea.

Browsing through internet, I came across a title "40 Young People Who Become Millionaires Before They Were 20", summarized by John Boitnott."

To read the article, click this link:

New Revelations to become a millionaire are in the proven systems and programs of online business these Moguls have started with. Check it out for yourself.

Boitnott said: "It is often awe-inspiring to think about how early some of the world's most famous entrepreneurs got their start. Many of them simply had a fantastic idea and then just worked their butts off to make it reality.

I totally agreed with Boitnott about the "fantastic idea" and that is the reason why I choose the title of this page as, "Fantastic Idea".

I found my fantastic idea after using Solo Build It. 

Hill also concluded; "all achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea".

Best of all, a step at the time, Marthen.