Entering The Nature of Spirit.

Moment by moment from now on determining where we will be forever after leaving this current lives. Entering The Nature of Spirit will simply inform you of the first Supra-natural real life experience of God's paradise and the world of death. 

This article is written by translating the life experience of Obaja Wilbert the second son of Gideon Agus Sudarwanto that published on www.gideonagusswt.wordpress.com, page 1, letter A, titled "Memasuki Alam Roh" translated "Entering The Nature of Spirit."

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Welcome visitors to our site.

Visitors who we love in the name of God Jesus Christ....who you are, what is your position, how much is your wealth,...this time I'm bringing you to enter into dimension that maybe was not imagined before. Nature of Spirit...... 

The story....real....without engineered and with no intention of a bit misdirection. The story is long enough, so I will present it in the form of series.

But...I appreciate other opinion, meaning when there is unbelief with what that I will presenting, it is no problem, because everyone's right for giving opinion.

I will begin with the series "The beginning about the nature of spirit."

At the time Gideon's family conducting praying together, opening room for family praying who gathered at the time Gideon with wife and the 4 children.

The second son of Gideon named Wilbert, who experienced the incident where in the praying, he felt his spirit separated from his body.  He saw himself who was praying, also his parent who was praying, and also he saw his older brother and both his younger brothers. He felt extraordinary strength who continually lifting his spirit up piercing the ceiling, and piercing the house roof. In certain height, he saw there was light that very bright, and from that light he heard voice that said: "Wilbert,...I am Jesus your God. Examine me if I am not Him that you worship so far." 

Then Wilbert examined with the method which was so far taught by his parent when facing various spirits. Wilbert was saying in his heart, "If You are God, please say what I am going to say?" (That moment Wilbert was saying in his heart, blood of Jesus, blood of Jesus), and from that light was heard the same as what Willbert was going to say.

So 3 times Wilbert examined, and 3 times were answered accurately by the very bright light. 

"Yes,...God,....I now believe that You are Jesus Christ who I worship so far."

"Follow Me" was heard from that light, and at that moment Wilbert's spirit was flying far up following the very bright light. 

Finally Wilbert arrived at a place that very beautiful, cool and extraordinary convenient. Feeling there is peace in heart and joy that can not be told. (recently he just new that it was God's Paradise)

Wilbert was left alone by God Jesus for a while, but not long then God Jesus came back approach Wilbert to ask to go home to earth. "I don't want to go home God, I just want to stay here" said Wilbert simple.

God Jesus answered: "It's not the time yet you be here Wilbert, you still have task on earth."

Wilbert then saying: "I want just be here God, on earth to much sorrow", once again God Jesus answered: "There is the time you come to this place, but there is task is waiting on earth."  

Wilbert finally obeyed,...but God brought Wilbert to the world of death before hand. He was brought to the place of punishment for those who when passed away still in their sins. He smelled burned meet,...burned. He heard shouting in pain begging for forgiveness and regret phrase that so heart slashing. "Help God Jesus,...Help God Jesus,..." frightening shouts was heard echoed repeatedly,...and God Jesus always answered: "It is too late." 

Then Wilbert was brought to dark jail,... (here there is no torture). When came closer, Wilbert knew a person who was sitting sadly, then Wilbert asked God,:"Why he is there God?"

God then answered: "He is indeed My servant,...but towards the end of his life he did not fully believe Me, he when was sick went to paranormal, so him I placed here."

Wilbert then asked : "Is he can be help God?" God answered : "Wait for end of the age."

Then Wilbert was brought to another jail's room. He arrived at room where Wilbert knew who is in that room well. More and more Wilbert asking to God,: "Why he is there God?"

Again God answered : "Like her husband, she did not fully believe to Me, when she was sick she went to paranormal so she is here."

"Also wait for the end of the age God?" God answered: "True."

Then God brought Wilbert to the next place but still in the jail. Wilbert saw there was God's servant who is in the jail, then Wilbert asking to God: "God,...wasn't he Your servant? Why he is in the place like this?" 

God answered: "He is indeed My servant, but he loved money more than My people,...therefore his place is here."

Not long then Wilbert's spirit came back entering his body. Body who was first fallen little by little moving, and slowly back sitting. Few times wipe his eyes, then he said to his father: "Dad,....I experienced event that hard to be trusted, my spirit was brought by God to the nature of spirit, seeing God's Paradise, and also the world of death."   

"Be careful you talk" his father reminding.

"I said what it is, and if I lied or made up,...I am ready to die now at this time, because I knew where to go when I die."

That is the first event Wilbert feeling the nature of spirit. And that event not stop there. There will be next events that more exciting,...follow the story,...at the next presentation.

God Jesus blesses.

Translated by Marthen Waas. PersonalCoreValue.com