Community Sharing,
Benefiting Public.

I'm reminded for what I've said to my friends and colleagues who actively sending the posts through my WatsApp group that I intended to put them in a web page for public sharing purpose.

Through this community sharing page, I'm trying to include as many as possible of the said posts in order to become public destination for those who experience difficulties in finding such a good materials.

Hopefully by providing this community sharing page, there would a lough and a love for joy to please a burden heart and a cloudy mind.


English Side.

Indonesian Side.


All articles were originally posted in English and not translations.


Semua artikel yang diterima asli dalam bahasa Indonesia bukan terjemahan.


All images are shown authentically as when they were received. 

Gambar dan Foto.

Semua gambar dan foto disajikan secara otentik sebagaimana diterima.