About me.

I am Marthen Waas, creator and developer of this website called "personalcorevalue.com". This site was first established back in April'14.

It was difficult for me at the first time to come up with a topic as a tandem name for website and domain name (Keyword Focus Content) .

Honestly, I did not have a goal in my mind at the time to establish a business as an entrepreneur with just website and domain.

My purpose was to earn some money in order to accomplish my vision to become an investor in business whether offline or online.

Site Build It or SBI as Online Trigger

Before starting with SBI, I was educating myself in web design with the purpose in my mind was to develop my own website as a facility to earn money.

Frustrated for about four months trying to figure out on how to come out with the dreaming website, I became impatient realized that there were so much to learn and do aside from knowing the knowledge for design and create my own website.

Design website is only one thing. To create the website is another complicated thing.  I need another skill and knowledge or technical skills to create a standard website, which I didn't have. It would've been another long period of time to have my own website if I've had decided to create it myself.

In searching for the advice on how to create my own website, I've come across with overwhelming information found in the SBI webpages. Not for long after gain the insight knowledge of the completeness of the program, I decided to join SBI right away.

Watch the video below, how SBI is in people's minds.

Visit SiteSell.com SBI here.

You Need to Pull the Trigger

Supported by my business educational background (Bsc from STIE Urip Sumoharjo, Indonesia and PGDipBus from Massey University, New Zealand) added with long time experience in business environment handling financials, accounting and budgeting, I've managed to understand how complete the SBI program was (and still is) at the time.

Seeing the program from the conventional business perspective, SBI possesses the complete software or tools set for logistic, production, marketing, selling and advertisement, monetize, administration, information technology and many more functions available within the program.

On the other hand, it would have taken me million years to reach my current position as a web and business developer if I would have decided to go on my own, started with web designing.

I'm so thankful to Dr,Ken Evoy and the Team to have provided this all-in-one program that I've called it "An MBA Online". 

Entrepreneurship's Perspective 

In conjunction with online business developing, as a web and business developer, I've found MOBE/My Online Business Education and Solo Build It as a perfect combination for my integrated online entrepreneurship.

This perspective was created as a result of how meaningful website's pages have been created on Solo Build It's templates to accommodate MOBE's various available programs.

For clarity to whom who wants to become entrepreneur, MTTB 21 Steps Courses provided by Matt Lloyd as the CEO and Founder of MOBE is a comprehensive online business integration system.

Among those programs included internet marketing, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, list building, product creation, business builder and much more, for anyone to start entrepreneurship. 

Click the pages or links below or banners on the right column to learn more about MOBE. 

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