If You Want to Succeed, It is only you. No Body Else.

What is in Your Mind?

During the last five years, I've been developing myself in order to get back to what I've used to be doing in my previous career. It was not easy for me because I've had left the white collar job environment for more than a decade. 

Even though not exactly at the same position as I used to be in my previous career, suggestions and advice that coming to me have forced me to come back to my skill as a clerical white collar in operating computer, as the foundation for self improvement.

It's You. No body else.

As I've mentioned in the other pages within this website that I've started developing myself since I was fourteen, it was happening in the era of conventional self development. It's much different now as we are in the era of digitization in doing business.

Nowadays, sky is the limit to develop ourselves for whatever reasons. It's never been easier now than ever that we all have the opportunities to improve ourselves independently.

The facility is there, just depend on whether we found it or not. I've trying hard and finally found these books listed here that will be very useful for any one wants to start developing themselves.

Stay positive.

We've heard the successes stories of Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, Lecturers, Teachers, Directors, Managers, Staffs or Clerical Workers, Casual Workers, Youngsters, Adults, Retirees or Older People, not because their 9 to 5 jobs, however by the blessing of internet and faster broadband communication right now.

I've joined some of them who have been in the list of world class achievers by making millions and millions of dollars aside from the online empire they've built.

All of those successful stories have happened just because they were ready and willing to develop themselves, although some of those developments probably with no purpose in their minds when started.

Be positive and stay positive will keep you focus on your vision or starting something different based on your passion to improve your life for better or even succeed in the future..

Have a good try and keep trying, when the time is right, opportunity become reality.