Jesus Is Alive through Obaja Wilbert.

This young man encounters with Jesus and Holy Spirit has convinced me and reminding me of Paul's encounter with Jesus as it is written in Acts chapter 9 and John's revelations in the book of Revelation.

This article is briefly written by translating the story of Wilbert first encounter with Jesus, written in Indonesian, published in Gideon Agus Sudarwanto's Blog, Page-1, letter b, titled "Let me choose". 

Wilbert was less than 13 years old when he was started to struggling with his older brother repeatedly manifestations of evil spirits. He had to involve in handling his brother manifestations, by helping his mother when the father was away from home for work.

Wilbert is the second son of Gideon and Julia, the younger brother of Samuel who had been repeatedly manifested by the evil spirits.

Through his experiences in spiritual warfare, Wilbert was forced to pray when Gideon and Julia were trying to cast the demon out of Samuel's body. He sometimes joined force with Gideon and Julia in casting the evil spirit out from his brother's body.   

Samuel's manifested condition had negatively influenced Wilbert's life until he had no longer active going to the Church where he was always attending. One day, Gideon questioning Wilbert of why he had no longer active going to the Church.

"Let me choose" answered Wilbert. The answer has raised my curiosity provided Wilbert was just an under 13 years old boy. This answer "Let me choose" has become the topic of this article of Wilbert first encounter with God. This first encounter has lured me to read the whole 19 of Wilbert encounters in total.

Reading the whole stories of Wilbert encounters with Jesus, has reminding, encouraging, and convincing me of John's revelations, and Paul's encounter with Jesus, spiritually, as written at the start of this article..

More to Wilbert conversation with his father, his response at the end of the conversation even amazed me.

"I want to seek God's preference than man's preference." What a wisest answer of a very young teen-age boy.

In fact, this was the beginning step of Wilbert filling his spiritual life by putting himself closer to God with different method from what he had known so far. He started to feel that closer to God is in fact beautiful. Seriously prayer that come out of heart can make him crying. When satans running hurriedly because of the name of Jesus Christ, made Wilbert proud that Jesus whom he now know not a distance God, but God that very close that giving assistance on time.

At the beginning when Wilbert saw the condition of his older brother, he worrying the true of it. He was worrying whether his older brother experience was it true like that? Was it true that the spirit of his older brother was brought to the mountains, then at other time brought to south sea and to the other places that did not make sense. And at other chance he experienced like what his older brother had experienced, made him believe and not worrying anymore.

When his age reached 13 years, Wilbert preparing himself for submerge baptism. His parent retest him again for his will. At the end of this second conversation he responded with the same answer as he did at the end of first conversation

"I want to seek God's preference than man's preference". 

Wilbert then felt closer to God Jesus when he had experienced submerge baptism. He did not think anymore the two days before giving himself to be baptized where according to his father he manifested dark power. Surprisingly Wilbert was manifested tiger's spirit and some other spirits. Made his father borrowed the whip of Jesus Christ to break the dark power who was in the Wilbert's body. 

Not long after that, when prayer night Wilbert experienced an extraordinary incident. First time in his life hearing voice that so subtle and pleased to ears that admitted Jesus Christ.

That time was Monday, 9 May 2005 about 22.00 pm in series of night prayer. Wilbert for first time experienced Supernatural experience that very difficult to be understood with human logic, and only can be meaningful when coupled with faith and love of truth that essence in front of God.

How is the next story of Wilbert journey of life? Wait for the next publish.

Jesus bless. 

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